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We Believe in Beauty

As Italians we have a strong aesthetic feeling. As cyclists we know exactly what does it mean to feel comfy, confident and, yes, gorgeous. We care about how things look like. That’s why in developing new products or designs we get inspiration from Italian tradition, not only in fashion but, above all, in graphic and industrial design. We try to maintain the Italian attitude of doing beautiful things that actually work. That you will fall in love with.

Cycling Passion

Throughout history Italy has always had a burning passion for cycling. This passion, and its virtues, is what found the very essence of La Passione. Our historic cycling roots, major Grand Tours and global cast of cycling characters is what inspire us even today. We blend these proud traditions with the latest advanced performing materials to create beautiful, timeless products for you to feel more comfortable, perform better and enjoy your ride.

Committed to Quality

No matter which season is - we stay focused on quality. Our products are manufactured by skilled specialists in the North of Italy or in their European laboratories with the finest quality standards. We make use of the highest expertise in the field of cycling apparel production. A lot of research and development goes into our collection for you to feel comfortable when using our products. We use the same materials and techniques used by other well known high-end cycling apparel brands, the substantial difference lies in the prices.

Finest Materials

Attention to details is everything. It can make the difference between winning or losing. At La Passione our designers pay attention to every single detail when creating a product. We manufacture and create products with the finest materials and fabrics supplied by the most prestigious performance fabric suppliers in Italy and Europe. We proudly cooperate with M.I.T.I for their premium Super Roubaix® and CyTech Elastic Interface for their superior chamois. We firmly believe and support the tradition and genuine know-how of Italian cycling apparel craftsmanship.

Moral Fiber

At La Passione we produce and manufacture with a clean conscience. We strive to pay particular attention to environmental sustainability. We thoroughly believe it is our responsibility to ensure the material, its origin and production facilities upholds the same high standards for environmental consciousness as we do. We demand the same high standards in labor practices and conditions as we do in our products. We carefully screen our suppliers, laundries and factories to ensure all our products are manufactured under fair, sweatshop-free conditions. For you to ride with a clean, guilt-free, conscience we offer you transparency and honesty to allow for an ethical purchase.


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