More than a feeling

Words: Miriam Terruzzi

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Sharing our passion for riding to breathtaking places.


n cycling, the team is everything. “La Passione” emerged alongside the idea of creating a community around our brand which brings together people who love bicycles and this wonderful sport. It’s about a group of people who share a crazy desire to explore, discover new sensations and be amazed by the little big things that cycling offers.

So #fromthepeloton has become more than just a hashtag. It’s more than just a feeling. It means “being part of a team”, helping and supporting each other and sensing you’re part of something bigger. Head out towards something which will push your limits.

“Peloton”, a term meaning “a tight group”, is often used in professional cycling. It comes from French — initially the sport’s official language. This term perfectly expresses the idea of a shared social community which can inspire anyone who is part of it.

Not just a bike

Each one of us knows there’s more to the magic than one thinks. When we go out on a bicycle, we feel we’re in some way connected to all the other people who share this passion with us. #fromthepeloton captures that moment, a moment worth sharing with other special people.

A place to be

Each time we let our bicycle guide us. There’s the challenging kilometres of cycling through landscapes that leave us in awe, through unknown corners or sunsets and frosty dawns. These experiences make us understand that it’s worth it every time.

Every place we pedal towards is - for that day - our special place in the world.

Sharing is life

Even during the most difficult times, we don’t want to lose the beauty of sharing special moments. Even if just virtually, #fromthepeloton makes us feel like part of the team again. A team brought together by a passion which cuts across borders instantly. It’s as quick as typing a hashtag.