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Covid-19 update

When the terrain gets tough, you take it on; a climb is coming up, you start to shift gears; when you get a flat tire, you change it. Cycling enthusiasts know this all too well, and they face these challenges every time they set out to enjoy every kilometer of the route they’ve set for themselves. Now we are facing a new, unexpected challenge, which we will take on as we look forward to the downhill which is always destined to come. With this certainty, we here at La Passione wish to inform you that we are fully operational as we adhere to the most recent mandates and updates during this historical moment we are going through. With the same grit and determination as always, we intend to keep pedaling towards the Flamme Rouge. In the meantime, we intend to go the distance and will continue making our products with creativity and passion.

Is your Company operating?
The Company is fully operational and our staff is available and ready to respond to all our customers’ needs, during our normal office hours.
All the company’s departments are working at full capacity while also adhering to the current restrictions and guidelines issued by the Italian government.
During this time, we are closely monitoring the situation. We are taking all preventive steps including increased cleaning and sanitization of our stores and distribution warehouses, following the guidelines form the ISS, WHO and other public safety agencies carefully. Additionally, we have encouraged all of our team members to work from home if under any circumstance they fell under the weather, as a precautionary measure to protect themselves and others.
Are orders confirmed? Will they be delivered to customers?
Absolutely, since all the departments involved are operating as usual. At the moment, all orders are confirmed and will be delivered worldwide.
Are new orders accepted and confirmed?
Yes, we will process coming orders at full capacity.
Are goods free to move to and from Italy?
According to the latest Italian Government Decree (March 11th), there are no restrictions on the circulation of goods, therefore all products will be delivered to customers’ address or pickup site.
Will shipping and returns be guaranteed as usual?
Yes. As always, shipments and returns are free and easy to manage directly from home. If you are not completely sure about the correct size, please include more than one in your order; you can then return the ones that don’t fit.
Is the virus transmissible through parcels?
There is no risk of contracting Coronavirus via parcels, the WHO confirms it, in the second to last point. We think it’s important for you to know, as we would be sorry if this were to be a concern that would influence your decision to purchase our products and support our Made in Italy label.
Are transport companies going to support delivery?
All orders and shipments are confirmed and all departments are operating at full capacity.